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You Can’t Have One Without the Other

(Well… you can. But, two is better than one!)

Partnerships have been around since the dawn of time. Adam and Eve kicked it off in the Garden of Eden, and from forth the tree of life sprang many more illustrious couples: Romeo and Juliet, Tristan and Isolde, Bonnie & Clyde, Burton and Taylor, Edward and Bella… just to name a few. We’re not meant to walk the earth alone, and having a partner by our side to assist with life’s ups and downs is really what it’s all about. Our mates are our mirrors, the ones chosen to help us see ourselves better so that we may flourish as individuals; And in turn, we aid in our partner’s growth, shining a light right back on them. Being with your other half can be arduous sometimes, especially when two worlds collide; but when love finds a place in the heart, finding a way to stay together is a worthwhile journey. In honor of the “month of love”, let’s take a look at some dynamic duos that have reminded us all just what possibilities lie ahead when we take the road less traveled alone.

From the moment he set eyes on Scarlett O’Hara, Rhett Butler was convinced that he had finally found his leading lady. Sadly, she was not so enamored with him. Unfortunately, the romantic theme of Gone With the Wind still plays out today – believing in an unattainable, idealistic match, while the real “love of your life” watches you tear it all down. Even though the movie premiered eighty years ago, the story couldn’t be more relevant. While we might feel sorry for Scarlett “throwing away happiness with both hands”, the true moment of personal epiphany began when her soul mate walked out the door never to be seen again. At least not in this volume.

All hail the king and queen of food pairings! PB & J, essentially a poor man’s meal, has no equal in the culinary world when it comes to most popular two-somes. Sure, peanut butter has since turned out to be a somewhat poisonous monarch since its coronation, but that doesn’t make this combination any less royal. The eponymous phrase, “they got on like peanut butter and jelly” really sums up this badass merger of a scrumptious anytime sandwich.

TV has seen its fair share of power couples over the years, but none quite like Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl. This scheming, hedonistic couple that you love-to-hate and hate-to-love personified breaking down emotional barriers in high-dramatic fashion, while falling in love on the ritzy Upper East Side. Rumor has it these two love birds eventually agreed til death do us part. xoxo

Ahhh… no outfit pairing looks quite as sexy on like jeans and tees. This flawless clothing combination can be found in EVERY drawer, and everyone can wear it no matter how old or young. A classic, all-American look that’s as timeless as it is appealing, jeans and tees are mucho bueno. Easy and comfortable, this casual style personifies just that. After all… who wants to be a part of something uptight?

Zoinks! This famous detective duo has been warming viewers hearts for decades with their child-like shenanigans and snappy catch-phrases. Scooby Doo and Shaggy Rogers, cartoon-network’s best buddies, playfully nourish each other with scooby snacks while hanging out with the gang of Mystery, Inc. This meddling mutt and long-haired hipster have been fearfully solving crimes the old fashioned way… accidentally. These two have got each other’s back, and they know there’s no better way to go through life than with your best pal by your side.

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