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Where my witches at?

October is upon us. Time for pumpkin spice, heavy cardigans, falling leaves, and shrieking covens to dance under the pall of a harvest moon.

Yeah, it’s time to get spooky.

To celebrate the season, each week we’ll be posting some recommendations on what horror movies we love around the MeMoi offices; our favorite frightfully fun films that are perfect for Halloween.

We kick things off with a recommendation from our resident horror nerd and creative writer, Rob. His choice? A recent standout hit: The Witch


Rob says:

Films like Robert Egger’s The Witch and Jordan Peele’s Get Out redefined mainstream horror when they premiered a couple years ago. Each showed us how much intelligent plot and development can go into such works, but The Witch stood out for me due to my love of three things: New England, history, and Folk Horror (a genre that is, fortunately, becoming more popular). It follows a family of puritans sometime in the 17th century, fervent Christians who are exiled from their village in Massachusetts and forced to build a new home for themselves far away from civilization and surrounded by wilderness. And what lurks in those woods? This film does an incredible job of building tension and keeping pace, offering up dread without relying on cheap jump scares. 


So go get your favorite plush socks and sweater tights on, curl up, and give The Witch a watch.


Stay tuned for more horror movie mania all October long! IF YOU DARE!



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