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The Mixtape

Time to create a playlist for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day.

Music plays an integral part in our lives, and even more so in our personal relationships. Think back to when you first met your significant other… what tunes were playing on the radio? Songs help define stages in a romance. The first date. The first kiss. The first feelings of love. Each moment cemented by a sound that could be heard near or somewhere off in the distance. Music helps keep things memorable, special and often speaks to how we are feeling on the inside. Not sure how to tell your honey just how much you adore them? Not a problem. Create a mixtape – then throw on some headphones with your loved one for a throwback kinda vibe.

It’s not 1984 anymore, so making a mixtape might be rather hard. Where would you even get a cassette, not to mention a boombox to play it in? Well, just because you can’t get the original (that has actual tape inside), you can score an updated version complete with USB. So, for the genuine, modern mixtape, click the cassette below..

Mix tape image

And if you feel like matching your feet to your ears, try a pair of these on courtesy of MeMoi:

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