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The Christmas Razzies

As much as we love Christmasand we certainly do!, there are a few things we wouldn’t mind not seeing or hearing this holiday season. It’s bad enough Christmas music hits the airways WELL in advance – not to mention, tree decorations and gift sets making their way onto store shelves before the kids can say trick-or-treat. But, that’s not the worst part about bad holiday protocol. Here are some yuletide offenders we wish would go away permanently… (even though they most likely won’t.)

jeep grill with christmas wreath| She's Got Legs

Putting ornaments on automobiles. Cars were designed to take you from one place to another, not for showing off your love of Rudolph; So, those distracting lights and shiny decorations on cars could cause an accident. For the love of Jesus… please remove those annoying window reindeer hoofs and festive wreaths from truck grills. The tree at home is plenty. You don’t have to show everyone your holiday spirit by decking out your ride, which subsequently might land someone in the hospital. 

mistletoe| She's Got Legs

Mistletoe above every entranceway. Here’s a tradition that needs to be put to bed, (no pun intended). Limit this renownedly amorous, green plant to an appropriate setting, like the home. Placing it above doorways in public common areas like the neighborhood laundromat, gym, or heaven forbid, the office, is only asking for a harassment lawsuit. If we want to pucker up and kiss you this Christmas, you’ll know it. You don’t need the plant.  

singing karaoke| She's Got Legs

An unneeded, retooled classic. Sure, it might seem like a great idea to bring an old, holiday standard into the 21st Century as a badass remix; but when Jingle Bells suddenly sounds like a moody ballad about melancholia and loss, it’s time to rethink the spin. Let’s leave Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree and Frosty well enough alone. There’s a reason they’re considered Christmas classics. They’re uplifting and fun. If you’re looking for a song to ruin this year, see below.  

reindeer| She's Got Legs

Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer. Or as it’s more commonly known: the lamest, most-annoying, feel-bad holiday song EVER. It’s a classic that shouldn’t be a classic, but somehow is. Makes you wonder how this track was conceptualized in the first place. You know the song is really bad when little kids ask you to turn it down. And if the lyrics aren’t depressing enough, the boozy, whiny vocals are. Kinda takes Christmas creepy to a whole new level.

Coal| She's Got Legs

Mean-spirited Christmas gestures. Woohoo… nothing spreads anti-cheer quite effectively like a dose of sedimentary rock, real or fake. Being snarky around Christmastime is no bueno, and grouchy-inspired sentiments like “Christmas coal” doesn’t actually rock. While I’m pretty sure NOBODY ever received a thoughtless helping of this killjoy back in the day, it most certainly has no place in 2018. So, unless your significant other wants a BBQ grill this Christmas, keep this bah-hum-BAD gag to yourself.  

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