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The Awareness Series Part III: Abigail, Amy, and Beverly

Breast cancer touches families in profound and tragic ways, but many families effected draw strength from one another and that strength helps in the long fight. Abigail, her sister Amy, and their mother, Beverly, have fought and are fighting breast cancer. For Beverly, her story as a survivor and Thriver are beginning, but Abigail has a more difficult battle with late stage breast cancer. Learn about how this family supports one another, faces an uncertain future, and reaches out to women everywhere in part 3 of our Awareness Series.


Abigail, Amy, and Beverly

A Family That Thrives Together


“Cancer has touched our lives individually and as a family in significant ways. Our mom, Beverly underwent surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation along with ongoing hormonal therapy for Stage 1 breast cancer in 2006 and remains cancer free.”

Abigail, the oldest (daughter of Beverly), was diagnosed de novo Stage IV metastatic breast cancer in the summer of 2017 at the age of 38, an astonishing terminal diagnosis which carries a 2-3 year median life expectancy.  In the process of Abigail’s treatment, a full gene panel was performed and it was discovered that the ATM mutation runs in the family. Once Beverly was re-tested and found to be positive, the rest of the family was informed. Amy discovered that she was positive for the ATM mutation and underwent a prophylactic double mastectomy.

After Abigail’s diagnosis, she, her husband and two boys moved from Orlando to Miami, Florida, to live with Beverly and her husband, Tom.  A few months later Amy, her husband, and daughter joined the family in Miami.

Of the family being together, Abigail says: “The first thing I thought about when I was told that my life expectancy would be cut drastically short, was how much I wanted to spend the time I have left with my family.  Having more of my family near me is precious beyond words and I know that my boys will have the strong women in my family near them after I die.”

Stage IV metastatic breast cancer is the only stage of breast cancer that is 100% terminal and yet, research for this stage of the disease is woefully inadequate.  Based on the available information, it is estimated that only 5-7% of the funds allocated towards breast cancer research worldwide is targeted at Metastatic Breast Cancer.

“We should treat research like triage, allocating the most funding to the people actively dying now,” says Abigail.

“This October and every month, we urge you to “Think Before You Pink” and only support organizations that commit to raising funds for Stage IV metastatic breast cancer research.”

Sharsheret is an example of an organization that has services available for early and later stage or advanced breast cancer so that men and women living with this insidious disease won’t feel as alone or isolated.

To learn more about this fighting family, you can visit Abigail on Instagram @amj1315 and Amy @beautystealsinward

We urge you to do your research before donating to any organization. Together we can insure a better future for countless people around the world.

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