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The Awareness Series Part II: Yael

Our Awareness Series continues with another profile of a strong woman making a difference. This week we’ve taken a different approach with Yael Baldinger. Yael is a licensed social worker and Support Program Associate at Sharsheret. Though she does not struggle with breast cancer, her life has been touched profoundly by its presence, and now she makes it her goal to help women in need.


Walking in Their Shoes


How has breast cancer impacted your life and the lives of others around you?

Before I started working at Sharsheret, I’ll admit, I didn’t know much about breast cancer or what it meant to be at risk for breast cancer. Now that I am surrounded by it, I have become more educated and understand how important it is to know your body, that you shouldn’t be afraid to speak up, and how important speaking to your family about your medical history is.

What do you at Sharsheret? What is a typical day like?

As the Support Program Associate at Sharsheret, I am responsible for developing our national webinars, updating resources, and speaking with the women who call for support, have questions, or, are in need of resources.

What makes Sharsheret special?

I think how personal this is for us. Everything we do or send here at Sharsheret is personalized for what the woman needs and is looking for. Even our phone calls – there is no script. It is just us speaking from our hearts and trying to support the women as best as possible.

What is a one simple way we can support women facing a breast cancer diagnosis and breast cancer survivors in our lives?

It can be overwhelming when so many people offer to help and it’s hard to ask for it when we need it. Instead, offer to help with a specific thing (i.e. “I’m going to bring you supper tomorrow,” “Can I drive you to your appointment?” etc). Also, just reaching out with a simple text or phone call. I think just knowing that someone is thinking about you can go a long way.

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