• Netflix Stranger Things Season 3 characters El and Max enjoy summer vacation
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    80’s Things

    July is here, so you know what that means. Barbecues, fireworks, horror, and retro fashion. Wait, what? If you’re like us, it’s not just the good food and celebrations you’re excited for on Independence Day. July 4th also marks the season 3 premiere of Netflix’s critically acclaimed Stranger Things. A love letter to 80’s horror and adventure films, Stranger Things has grabbed hold of millions of viewers with their last two seasons where we got to see the drama of Hawkins, Indiana play out during the autumn and winter months. This season, we get to see them turn summer Upside Down.   Check out the Stranger Things Season 3 Trailer!…

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    Sockin’ it to Summer

    Summertime and the footwear’s easy – you just slip into your favorite sandals and you’re ready to step out into the warm sunshine and bare all. It’s natural to dress down in the heat, we’re only human after all, with a long history of warm-weather cultures who have contributed to influencing our present-day hot couture. But while our ancestors may have had little choice in their summer attire, we’re a little more fortunate nowadays. Human ingenuity has lead to innovations in comfort and personal-climate control in the forms of specialized designs and new materials. Even in the last few decades, we’ve come a long way. So, we thought, with so…