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Why Socks Make the Best Christmas Present.

We’re fast approaching the most wonderful time of the year – Christmas. And while Santa won’t be here for several more weeks, it’s time to start devising your gift list now. We all know that picking out presents for everyone in your life can be daunting, especially if they’re picky or hard to shop for. But you don’t have to stress out this holiday season; We have the ideal gift for all your loved ones in mind…Socks! Sure, it may seem like we’re biased because, well, we sell socks…lots of them; but besides the fact that footwear is near and dear to our hearts, here are a few reasons why we think socks make the perfect Christmas presents.


Baby, it’s cold outside… we know. That’s why gifting a pair or two of plush, warm socks is the way to go. Receiving a festive package of comfort in the wintertime is always welcome; so stylish, cozy socks are a no-brainer.

You Don’t Have to Worry About Returning Them

When was the last time you took back a box of tissues? Exactly. So, you don’t have to worry about standing online at a store for hours waiting to get your money back. Your intended recipient may regift them, (we can’t help you there), but you won’t have to return them because… (see next)

Everybody Needs Socks!

You can’t go wrong buying grandma, your favorite uncle, or next-door neighbor a snazzy pair of socks. They make great gifts because… well, everyone needs them! I mean, can you think of anyone who doesn’t? Wear them in the house, wear them outside… you get the point.

It’s Easy on Your Wallet 

Simply put, it’s the best budget friendly option out there. And hey… it’s the thought that counts, right? Not only can you grab a few, sweet pairs for less than a song, you can mix it up by incorporating different styles, like… (see below)


Socks are truly personal, and there’s an unlimited amount of options available these days; Conversational socks, striped dress socks, cable-knit knee-highs, and cool novelty crews, just to name a few. With all the possibilities out there, you can customize the socks you buy to match all of your loved ones personalities. 

Have Fun With It! 

Socks are not only a great gift, but also a fun way to bring friends and family together. Not sure how to make this Christmas more unique from years past, how about throwing a sock party? Invite your closest pals over and fill a darling stocking with lots of small goodies for each. Tie a cute little holiday ribbon around the top, and presto! It’s a neat way to get festive and creative – so this Christmas, plan a sock party! Oh and don’t forget the Instagrammable moment it inspires. Put all your feet together and snap the picture…And don’t forget to tag @Memoi, we want to see! At the end of the day, a sock party is the perfect way to have an amazing time with your besties.

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