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Startorial: Your Weekly Fashion Horoscope

The stars have a lot to say – ask any astrologer. These opinionated celestial objects are constantly saying things about your life, relationships, finances. Well, around these parts we’re more inclined toward the question of, “What should I wear?”

And honestly? Forget decisiveness when we can leave it to the stars. Let’s get started on our first round of fashion horoscopes.



December 22nd – January 21st

MeMoi & the Stars Recommend: Cashmere Blend Footless Tights

Everyone knows you’re the hardest working gal in any biz, and with your bff Saturn back in your constellation it’s your year, Capricorn! Be prepared by dressing the part – on point, as always. But never forget the flare! First impressions count.


January 22nd – February 21st

MeMoi & the Stars Recommend: Metallic Shaper Leggings

Happy birthdays, all you Aquarius out there. It’s that time of year, we’re on your turf. Represent by being you – that’s right, go full Aquarius. Take the spotlight with fashions that aren’t just loud, they scream.

February 22nd – March 21st

MeMoi & the Stars Recommend: Lace Cami Tap Lingerie Set

Oh, Pisces, you free spirit. Love is something you’re well versed in but let me clue you in on something: Venus and Neptune conspire to bring something exciting and unexpected your way. Whether it’s a new romantic adventure or being surprised by your mate, be prepared and dress the part, Pisces.

March 22nd – April 21st

MeMoi & the Stars Recommend: Tonal Tribal Shaper Leggings

Time to show off how brave you can be, Aries. The celestial object Chiron passing among your stars means it might be time to cross the line a little, get outrageous. Match your fashion to your attitude and let the jaws fall where they may.

April 22nd – May 21st

MeMoi & the Stars Recommend: Leopard Print Shimmer Sheer Tights

You’re always very tasteful, Taurus. And of course you’re down to Earth – it’s literally in your sign. But Uranus is knocking and saying the times they are a-changing. It’s time to tap into that wild side we all know you have and take some fashion risks. They’ll pay off!

May 22nd – June 21st

MeMoi & the Stars Recommend: Tartan Shaper Leggings

You already impress everyone you meet, Gemini, and while the asteroid Minerva is near your wisdom shines. You already know how to rock the classics, but I know you’re also clever enough to add your personality to your style.

June 22nd – July 21st

MeMoi & the Stars Recommend: Marble Plush Hooded Cardigan

There, there, Cancer. Everyone’s here for you because you’re always there for us. This week, take time to take comfort. Moon’s orders. And don’t worry, just because you’re cozy doesn’t mean you can’t look fantastic.

July 22nd – August 21st

MeMoi & the Stars Recommend: High Waisted Lace Shaper Thong

We know, Leo. It’s your world, we’re just living in it. But sometimes it’s tough to be Queen. Cosmic forces may be sending out an SOS on your behalf, maybe you’re doubting yourself in some plans and goals you’ve drawn up – maybe some New Year’s Resolutions? Fret not, there’s always a solution to any problem.

August 22nd – September 21st

MeMoi & the Stars Recommend: Cobblestone Vegan Pleather Leggings

You’re clever enough to take on any challenge, Virgo, but now is not the time to get careless. In the wake of Mars, something is coming and it’s almost time to take action. Get ready Virgo, and get war ready in something fierce. Don’t worry, we know you got this. You always do.

September 22nd – October 21st

MeMoi & the Stars Recommend: Contrast Lace Lounge Set

Today calls for a new adventure, Libra. The stars align and today they’re saying, “Long hair, don’t care.” Even if your hair is short or non-existent, today is about doing you and not caring what anyone else says. Be comfy, wear what you want. Because we all know you already always look your best.

October 22nd – November 21st

MeMoi & the Stars Recommend: Paisley Bouquet Over-the-Knee Socks

Nobody can contain you, Scorpio. You radiate attitude and fierce fashion flare. But the stars always have their say, and right now they’re sort of like… maybe keep things on the DL for a bit. As always the reasons reveal themselves eventually, but it doesn’t mean you can’t flex your fashion muscles, Scorpio. Subtlety can be powerful, too.

November 22nd – December 21st

MeMoi & the Stars Recommend: Loves Got to Do With It Tights

February is a time of love, but especially for you, Sagittarius. Nobody expresses their romantic side quite like you do, so it’s time to put it to work and get ready. You can’t always prepare for love, but hey, you can try.

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