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Startorial Strikes Back: Fashion Horoscopes!

We’re back for another round of fierce and fashionable horoscopes! Let’s see what the stars have to say.



December 22nd – January 21st

MeMoi & the Stars Recommend: Lurex Backseam Tights

Prepare for the unexpected, Capricorn! With Mars making an appearance in your cosmic life you can be sure that springing into action is what’s going to get things rolling for you, so be prepared to “wow” everyone more than you already do!


January 22nd – February 21st

MeMoi & the Stars Recommend: Bling Bling Crew Socks

Good news incoming, Aquarius! Mercury is your happy messenger this time of year, and a windfall could be headed your way! Take the time to lavish yourself in luxury, or, at least let yourself feel like you’re getting those Benjamins.

February 22nd – March 21st

MeMoi & the Stars Recommend: Lounge Lizard Fishnet Crew Socks

We’re in your neck of the woods, Pisces! The Sun’s spotlight upon you, and Neptune coming in hot, that means full permission to get weird. Indulge in your eccentricities and others will flock to you!

March 22nd – April 21st

MeMoi & the Stars Recommend: Argyle Sweater Tights

Now is the perfect time for your impulsive nature to work in your favor, Aries. Get in front of the pack with something daring but classic and listen to your gut – has it steered you wrong before?

April 22nd – May 21st

MeMoi & the Stars Recommend: Crushed Velvet Leggings

You may be grounded, Taurus, but you lift a lot of people into the air! You’ve caught someone’s eye and they’re just working up the courage to approach you. Maybe it’s love, friendship, or opportunity, whatever it is, it’s a good thing.

May 22nd – June 21st

MeMoi & the Stars Recommend: Velour Luxe Frosted Trim Pajama Set

Versatility will serve you well this week, Gemini. Be sure to let your dynamic outlook shine through in what you do and what you wear – be adaptable, but above all, have fun! You deserve it!

June 22nd – July 21st

MeMoi & the Stars Recommend: Jungle Cat Notch Collar Set

Show everyone that you’re not just sensitive, Cancer. You’ve got a side that will drop jaws! Yes, you’re the cat’s meow when you want to be, but comfort is still key. You can impress and push off the stress at the same time. Have your cake and eat it too!

July 22nd – August 21st

MeMoi & the Stars Recommend: Coffee Vodka Sherpa Lined Slippers

Maybe you’re coming out of a difficult time, Leo, or maybe it’s ahead. Either way, you’ll get through it how you always do: leaning on your friends and staying true to you. And you know what? Some humor doesn’t hurt either!

August 22nd – September 21st

MeMoi & the Stars Recommend: Panel Shaping Leggings

Success is inevitable for you, Virgo. Your cosmic outlook seems to hint that taking some time for yourself might be good. But this is no time to be a shut in, Virgo. It’s a time to remind everyone that you’re a one woman army, and you have the tools to do it.

September 22nd – October 21st

MeMoi & the Stars Recommend: Chenille Drawstring Hoodie

Sometimes you have trouble deciding, we get it, Libra. But with exciting things coming up that have your name written on them, you may want to start making some executive decisions. It might help to at least feel comfy and loose in what you’re wearing.

October 22nd – November 21st

MeMoi & the Stars Recommend: Jungle Cat T-Shirt Pajama Set

Last time, Scorpio, we suggested being subtle. Well your subtly and low-key break pays off now, and that classic Scorpio willpower is going to get you some answers you’ve been waiting for. Feel free to kick back and relax, you’ve earned it.

November 22nd – December 21st

MeMoi & the Stars Recommend: The Iris Wedge Slippers

Lately you may be coming off as more domineering than loving, Sagittarius. We know, sometimes it’s hard to help, but it’s time to access the open-minded part of you; you may find the results pleasing for everyone!

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