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Spring Fling

Let’s just spring right into things shall we?

Spring is only a few weeks away (no matter what that groundhog says) so of course MeMoi is ready to go with the latest on-trend styles for the season of renewal! I wanted to tie this into something else, but I’ll be honest: I’m so excited for this collection that I’d rather give you a run down of my seasonal favs! There’s a lot of excitement and innovation happening at MeMoi these days. From new wellness products, to sentimental socks, and more looks with attitude, we’re redefining the “me moment.”

Here are just some of the styles helping us to do that!


Whatever Forever Print Anklet

Our Street Vibes collection packs a whole lot of attitude. In fact, two of my favorites on this list are from Street Vibes. I don’t know, the collection just gets me. My outlook, my style, and how I live my life. It’s unapologetic and not trying to be anything it’s not. These Whatever Forever anklet socks in particular are hilarious and have gotten me more than a few compliments.


Foldable Flats Pouch Set

Know what makes our styles truly unique? The unique women behind them. It’s ladies helping ladies, because at MeMoi we know where life’s little issues lie. Enter the Foldable Flats Pouch Set. Maybe you’ve seen other similar pouches, but packed with all that personality? Probably not! Our new line of Foldable Flats is themed to fit your taste, because we know you’re a whole lot of unique too!


Girl Gang Anklet Socks

Some serious #squadgoals from the Street Vibes collection. Forget matching jackets, if you’re putting together your own girl gang, consider upgrading into some matching socks. As always, we’ve put a little extra oomph into the design, glittering letters add a real degree of glam.


Frenchie Love Low Cut Tab Socks

You already know we’re dog people here at MeMoi. Not that there’s anything wrong with cats! We got them too, but the Frenchie Tab Sock is my favorite of them all. The cute little embroidered French Bulldog face is just the cherry on top. The real power of this sock is in that simple heel tab. It makes slipping these socks on easy-peasy, and even more easy to keep them from bunching or sliding out of place. And if there’s one thing we love it’s convenience.


Sorry You Feel Like Poop Greeting Card Socks

We all feel like poop sometimes! We’ve taken the poop emoji you all know and love and gave it some real sentimental value, along with our entire greeting card sock line. It’s like the page says – forget those cardboard cliches! No more going to Target and searching endlessly through Hallmark and Shoebox cards (instead you can spend that Target time in aisles that matter, you’re welcome). After all, why give someone a card when you can give them a card and a pair of comfy socks with hilarious (and thankfully fake) poops all over it? I rest my case.


This is just a small sampling of what we have in store for Spring 2020. Be sure to check out our entire collection and keep up with all the latest trends at!

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