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Sockin’ it to Summer

Summertime and the footwear’s easy – you just slip into your favorite sandals and you’re ready to step out into the warm sunshine and bare all. It’s natural to dress down in the heat, we’re only human after all, with a long history of warm-weather cultures who have contributed to influencing our present-day hot couture. But while our ancestors may have had little choice in their summer attire, we’re a little more fortunate nowadays. Human ingenuity has lead to innovations in comfort and personal-climate control in the forms of specialized designs and new materials. Even in the last few decades, we’ve come a long way. So, we thought, with so much change, why not re-evaluate that misfit of summer-wear and constant target of warm-weather fashion faux-pas? That’s right, we’re talking socks.  

Rule of Cool

For many, the heat means achieving your look in as few pieces of clothing as possible. We’ve seen thin and sheer, breezy fabrics explode in popularity over the last decade, being used to create everything from jumpsuits to rompers in the quest for the ultimate combination of comfort and style. It’s as good a place to start as any. Materials matter. Take our good friend cotton, for example. There’s a reason we’ve been making cotton clothing for as long as we have – cotton absorbs, and it breathes. A good cotton sock is like a vent for your foot, pulling in sweat as you go about your day and maintaining a good flow of air that ensures you don’t end the day standing in two shoe-puddles. Ew.

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Of course, on the opposite end of the spectrum we have polyester. This material certainly has its benefits but not so much in the footwear department. Polyester repels moisture and doesn’t breathe like cotton, so those aforementioned shoe-puddles are almost guaranteed. The proper material can save you a lot of grief and help prevent things like chafe and athlete’s foot. Even the design can help, especially with something like polyester. Its downsides don’t matter as much if it comes in the form of a fishnet, for example. And of course, what you wear over your socks matter. A boot will keep your feet feeling more claustrophobic than a tennis shoe, and we all know sandals are summertime’s best friend. “Okay but you’re not suggesting we wear socks with sandals, are you?” You ask your screen, horrified by the very thought. “That’s not allowed!” Once upon a time, perhaps. But the rules of fashion change constantly, and lucky for us, socks and sandals are in. So long as it’s done right.

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But let’s get down to business. We’ve chosen some of our favorite socks below, with some tips and pointers on wearing them with a variety of your favorite shoes. Like what you see? Scroll to the end of the post where we’ve made it easy to buy each.  

Basic Ribbed Crew Sock

Cotton construction, simple textures, and a pop of color. A sock like the MeMoi Basic Ribbed Crew is a great choice for the summer sock newbie. You already know a sock like this pairs well with your casual kicks – sneakers, tennis shoes, flats. But with a little daring, these socks can look great with a closed toe heel or wedge. Or if you’re willing to get really bold, choose a darker, cooler color and pair it with metallic-strap sandals for some nice contrast. Even a chunkier knit can look great with a wider-strap sandal like a Birkenstock.    

Gilded Roses Metallic Floral Crew Sock

If you’re showing off socks, maybe you want to really show off. Something like the MeMoi Gilded Roses Metallic Floral Crew Sock gives you a combination of class and glam style while keeping a summertime vibe with its flowery theme. These socks look great in something low key like flats or a kitten heel, and if you’re willing to step out of your comfort zone, they also perfectly complement printed and patterned sandals, or add some summertime glam to your favorite wedges.  

Polka Dot Sheer Ankle Socks

What’s better than cotton when trying to keep cool? Sheer cotton. These socks are low-key and guaranteed to breathe. Sheer socks can mostly follow the rules of sheer pantyhose or tights, in other words, they usually always look awesome with a pair of heels. You can also get away with flats, and of course, our casual buds the sneaker and the tennis shoe. And given their understated style, you may be able to get away with a variety of sandal combinations that you wouldn’t be able to with other socks. How about something nylon and loud? You do you.  

Nothin’ But Net Fishnet Socks

Summer is the perfect time to rock fishnets, and a sock like the MeMoi Nothing But Net Fishnet Crew is a perfect choice for a variety of styling options. Fishnets and heels always go together, and something as fierce as fishnet can also give hightop sneakers, dress shoes, and boots a feminine edge. In fact, the right fishnets can make a pair of boots more viable in warm weather. As for sandals, if you want to try it out go for something with a more delicate strap, with glam details also being a good choice for a serious foot fashion statement.  

Metallic Stripe Fishnet Ankle Socks

This sock is versatile in its style so you know it will work hard for you. The MeMoi Metallic Stripe Fishnet Ankle Sock gives you a classic tube sock cuff with a fishnet body and a solid sole for support. That pointelle-like fishnet style looks amazing paired with any kind of heel for a glam statement, and even a canvas shoe can benefit from the contrast when you show off that metallic cuff. Sneakers, hightops, lowtops, this sock can elevate them all, and keep you feeling cool while doing it.  

Rockin’ Your Socks

Whatever you choose, make sure it works for you. That sweet spot between style and comfort is easy to achieve so long as you’re willing to try something new, and if it doesn’t feel right, don’t worry about it. There are plenty of style combinations out there in the wild, waiting to be tamed. Try experimenting this season, mixing and matching, and defining a look that’s uniquely you.

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And if you’re seriously wanting to upgrade your summer sock game, MeMoi is here to help.

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