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Kickin’ it with Your Sole Mate

Valentine’s Day is getting closer. So, of course, it’s time to scramble. Just like the weeks preceding Christmas, nowadays most couples lead busier lives, so we get it, the holidays just sneak up on you, right? And if you’re like the rest of us, you’re trying to plan and scheme behind your lover’s back. No, no, no, nothing bad. Romantic scheming. What to get them, where to bring them, what to wear for them? In fact, you look like you could use a little help.

Fear not, MeMoi has your back. We can definitely help with that last thing, and we may just have some suggestions for the first two. Like fine wine or cheese board, the accouterments of the perfect date night must blend well.

Take a look at the styles below, most of them are event discounted up to 50% off for our Valentine’s Day sale! 

Now sit back and let us be your sommeliers… of love. 





What to Wear: Flower Pop Opaque Tights

Where to Wear It: A wine bar with the sound of a piano belting out love standards in the air; an Italian restaurant with your choice bottle of red or bottle of white (perhaps a bottle of rosé instead?); an afternoon walk in the park

The Matching Gift: A bouquet, of course (and FYI guys can enjoy flowers too).  


What to Wear: Loves Got To Do With It Opaque Tights

Where to Wear It: Valentine’s Day dancing at your favorite club; going out for dessert exclusively like in Serendipity; surprising your partner with a stay-in date

The Matching Gift: One of those giant hearts filled with chocolate; a teddy bear; a sterling silver or rose gold pendant  


What to Wear: Embroidered Mesh Bodysuit

Where to Wear It: After any of the above date ideas, Hubba Hubba.

The Matching Gift: Something spicy.  


What to Wear: Crushed Velvet Chemise

Where to Wear It: A couple’s spa retreat; at home, giving your partner a relaxing massage

The Matching Gift: Skin therapy mask; massage oils and perfumes; a trip to that aforementioned spa  

What to Wear: Enchanted Romance Embroidered Chemise

Where to Wear It: In front of the fireplace with a couple glasses of wine; lounging with your in your hotel room on a romantic getaway; enjoying a nice view with champagne

The Matching Gift: An engagement ring (get it, girl)  

Shop the look


Shop the look


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