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Have an A-OK UK Kinda Christmas!

Wish you could get away for the holidays? Trade your everyday sights for the festive bright lights and big city splendor across the pond? Stroll pass Big Ben, Tower Bridge and Covent Garden; fantasizing about what it would be like to live like royalty, then shop the racks at famed Harrods? Even if you can’t afford to take a proper mini-break to jolly ole England this winter, you can still feel like a part of the Union Jack without ever having to leave your zip code. So pop open a Christmas cracker, don that flimsy, paper crown, and sit back and enjoy a Happy Christmas viewing, Brit-style

What could be more brilliant than a well-done British rom-com? Even better when it’s set against a romantic, wintery backdrop. While not exactly a holiday movie, Bridget Jones’s Diary does begin and end with falling snow on Christmas day, and an ugly reindeer sweater worn by anything-but-ugly, Colin Firth. Throw in some spotted dick and a mini-gerken appetizer at a festive family gathering, and we’d say this chick-flick qualifies as a must-see, yuletide classic. While the holidays are meant to bring out our softer, gentler side, the absurd fist-fight scene in the movie is bloody good. 

For another Britastic matinee-idol experience, check out jaw-dropper, Jude Law and company in the aptly titled romance, The Holiday. If you haven’t seen it ten times like most of us have, movie viewers are swept away to picturesque Surrey where a sweeter-than-sugar love story unfolds inside a charming English cottage. Ahh.. we can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t mind spending Christmas Eve frolicking in the snowy countryside with this enchanting Londoner. So, take that trip to your tv remote and press play on The Holiday. 

Don’t want to sit on your arse all day watching DVDs at home? How about reclining on faux-leather at your local cinema instead? Be sure to check out London’s famous rock band, Queen, and iconic lead singer Freddie Mercury, in the newly-released film, Bohemian Rhapsody. With scenes shooting all over the city and neighboring suburbs, you’ll certainly feel like a local in Londontown. And IT WILL MOVE YOU! 

After all that visual stimulation, it’s time to hit the brandy… and there’s nothing quite so delish like a traditional English Christmas pudding. If you haven’t tried this omg fruity-cake oasis, now’s your chance to go full-on Brit with this classic Christmas dessert. For a step-by-step tutorial, check out this fantabulous recipe and expand your holiday repertoire for all your family and friends. 

Lastly… while you’re preparing your new holiday favorite in the kitchen, throw on a little Band Aid… the UKs musical recording collaboration from 1984. Do They Know it’s Christmas is THE ultimate, modern Christmas song, with an amazing sound and even better message. And while we may not be able to stamp out the hunger crisis this year, sadly – you will be able to quench your thirst for all things British, whether enjoying it here or over there. Happy Christmas everyone! 

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