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Happy Birthday to YOU!

It’s always a special occasion when one of our parents celebrates a birthday. After all, where would we be without mom and dad? We all know the enormous contribution George Washington, our Founding Father, made to this great nation of ours, but how many of us are cognizant of his accomplishments on this cold, winter’s day? Besides being the inaugural POTUS, Washington was notorious for many other things – like sleeping around. No, he wasn’t a libertine, he just slept in a lot of beds throughout the New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania area. FACT: George slept in so many different places throughout his storied career, taverns and inns would place wooden signs outside their establishments letting patrons know: Washington Slept Here. You could even say he was the first celebrity shill, but certainly not the only VIP to jump from town to town resting comfortably in a Simmons Sleeper.

Washington isn’t the only gray haired individual ringing in a birthday this month, but he is the reason some of us get a little time off of work and school… Woohoo GDubs! So, even though the first Commander-in-Chief is largely a forgotten presence in our lives, this Monday should register a moment of recognition and appreciation for him, nonetheless. In honor of our favorite parent, we’re dreaming up an old-fashioned carrot cake with a candle on top and a very happy birthday wish. Huzzah! And for anyone sharing a birthday with our historical pop on this federal holiday, you don’t have to be a famous bed-hopper to be loved and adored by all your closest constituents. We’re just grateful for your liberating presence in our lives… and for giving us the day off.

Happy President’s Day… and here’s looking at you, kid.


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