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Halloween Costumes: And All That Jazz

Curtains Up on October 31st!

If there is one industry that knows how to throw the ultimate costume ball every night of the week to thunderous applause, it is undoubtedly Broadway in the Big Apple. From Guys and Dolls to Hello, Dolly!, crowds flock from all over the world to take in the visual spectacle that makes the Great White Way, well, great. Theatrical costume designers ingeniously spin their threads creating unforgettable looks, while actors spin their lines creating unforgettable characters. Throw in a bit of song and dance and VIOLA… A night of magic – minus a whole lotta Hamiltons.

So, if you’re searching for that memorable costume this Halloween, turn to the big guns under the bright lights for your best costume idea ever.

Here are 6 reasons why Broadway Characters make the best Halloween Costumes.

5, 6, 7, 8…

  1. It’s Trendy
MeMoi Blog: She's Got Legs | Halloween Costumes: And All That Jazz | Hamilton |

Chances are you’ve heard of a little show called Hamilton. Nevermind the second mortgage you had to take out on your home to see this ground breaking musical that’s sweeping the nation, but think of the buzz you’ll create when you show up to the Halloween party rocking your new-age Founding Father’s get-up. If you’re looking for a click, BOOM costume this season, pull the trigger on Hamilton and step into the room where it happens.

2. You can legitimately rock a sexy outfit on Halloween without looking like the illegitimate sexy costumes out there.

MeMoi Blog: She's Got Legs | Halloween Costumes: And All That Jazz | Chicago | Sexy Costumes |

Yeah, yeah… Being scantily clad on Halloween has become a prerequisite over the years, we get it. But, you don’t have to succumb to the blatantly obvious “bad” sexy costumes out there; Hear that, skimpy Ninja Turtle! Go on… step into the world of Cabaret and bowle them over looking perfectly marvelous, risqué and sleek. For even more cred, replace those uncomfortable stilettos with a pair of character shoes.

3. It’s Kid Friendly 

MeMoi Blog: She's Got Legs | Halloween Costumes: And All That Jazz | Aladdin - A whole new world |

This ain’t Hair, but a whole new world has landed on broadway and family friendly shows have become hugely popular – think Harry Potter, Frozen and Sponge Bob. So, if you’re in the mood for a little PG fun this Halloween, unleash your inner child and take a magic carpet ride to your next festive event.

4. You Can’t Go Wrong as The Phantom

MeMoi Blog: She's Got Legs | Halloween Costumes: And All That Jazz | Phantom of the Opera |

You just can’t. Everybody loves a debonair man in a mask (just ask Zorro), and the Phantom is no exception. From instant recognition to potential adoration from surrounding Phanatics, you can’t go wrong dressed as the preeminent, villainous tragi-hero. So, button up that crisp white dress shirt, tucked neatly inside a pair of pressed black trousers and throw on a dramatic, sweeping cape. Before making an overture, stop and check yourself in the mirror and do your best, I’m too mysterious for myself look.

5. If the Costume Bombs, You Can Sing Your Way Through It.

MeMoi Blog: She's Got Legs | Halloween Costumes: And All That Jazz | Singing in the Shower |

You decide to go last minute, low-budget and it’s not exactly a hit. You’ll have five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes to belt out Seasons of Love instead. So, if you can’t afford Rent or a decent costume this Halloween, no one will care so long as you croon like an original cast member.

6. You Can Go as an Ensemble

MeMoi Blog: She's Got Legs | Halloween Costumes: And All That Jazz | MeMoi Fishnet Stockings |

What could be better than one pair of legs in fishnet stockings?… Did I hear, “Six“? Come on let’s face it, you’ve been dying to perform the Cell Block Tango with your friends ever since you saw the number. Whether you’re a group of dudes looking to have a few laughs on Halloween, or you want to be one of the Merry Murderesses of Murders Row… either way… this costume ensemble KILLS.




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