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Got Legs, Will Travel!

We’re in the late part of summer. Soon students will be back in school and those of us with summer Fridays will have to wait a little bit longer to clock out.

But in the meantime, how about taking a little trip? August means vacation season for many, and that includes many of us at MeMoi. We’re constantly on the move, which is why we’ve always been sure to have plenty of travel-friendly wear. But more important than what you’re wearing is where you’re wearing it.

Let us be your tour guide for a while. These are some of our favorite destinations in 2019.



4. Glitz & Glamour – Los Angeles, California

Any mention of the second largest US city instantly invokes images of celebrities, film production sets, Beverly Hills, the rich, and the beautiful. But LA is much more than that, offering excitement and adventure for any traveler.

LA’s historic sites offer a chance to look backward to the golden age of Hollywood, with timeless structures like the Chinese Theatre, the Chateau Marmont, and monuments to those bygone days such as the Hollywood Forever Cemetery and the fun kitsch of the Hollywood Museum. If you want to look back even further, LA is also home to the famous La Brea Tar Pits; where many ancient and long-extinct creatures are still preserved. Take a look at our place in cosmos by visiting gorgeous Griffith Park, home of the Griffith Observatory. And honestly, the park itself is a great time, too.

After you work up an appetite from all that learning, be sure to check out one of LA’s many unique restaurants and food destinations. LA is a city of artistic and cultural diversity, so it only makes sense this would all come together to offer up meal options that are as memorable as they are delicious. Check out Guerilla Tacos for some delicious Mexican fusion from a food truck success story. Or if you’re wanting something swankier with serious creative vibe try Rossoblu in Downtown LA.




3. Magic & Adventure – Orlando, Florida

Where else can you visit far-away kingdoms, blockbuster movie sets, fantasy islands, poolside resorts, or be a wizard, or a superhero, all in one day? Orlando, of course.

You may have already guessed we’ll be going into theme parks a bit, so why no love for Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood? Don’t get us wrong, we love both parks, but in terms of vacation destinations you could make an entire vacation just about going to Disney World (and many do). The Orlando parks are just bigger.

Disney World alone is sitting on 43 square miles – about the size of a small city. Universal Orlando recently announced the near-future opening of another park.

In other words, there is no shortage of things to do, to see, and to eat. Each park hosts plenty of thrills but also have shopping and dining options that can be accessed at no fee. Disney World has Disney Springs, a sprawling open-air waterfront park that’s essentially an outdoor mall. It features live entertainment in the streets and regularly in many of its amazing restaurants, as well as shops that include everything from Disney-licensed rare finds to brand names you love. Meanwhile, Universal has CityWalk, where you can find their answer to Disney Springs.

But Orlando is more than the Disney and Universal battle for Theme Park Supremacy. A world-class downtown is packed with hot night spots and concert venues, countless dining, and plenty of spectacle with endless live performances and even more resorts and interactive experiences.

Orlando is truly a perfect vacation destination no matter what you’re looking for.



2. Rainforests & Goodwill – San Juan, Puerto Rico

White sand beaches, crystal clear water, lush rainforests, colorful cities. This gem of the south Atlantic offers a getaway that few other places do. Here you’ll find no kitsch or trendy here-today-gone-tomorrow bistros; just pure, beautiful culture.

From the small island’s capital of San Juan, everything is accessible. The size of the island means that everything is only a few hours drive at most. Centrally locate yourself in the colorful buildings and cobblestone streets of old San Juan, and from there you can spend your day hiking through tropical rainforests, scaling dizzy peaks to the world’s longest zipline, floating along the Laguna Grande bay where sea life glows with otherworldly bioluminescence, or just getting some sun and surf on one of the many beaches.

More importantly, a trip here means helping the people of Puerto Rico. Travel and experiencing a place’s culture is a great way to break barriers and raise awareness. Puerto Rico has been hit hard by tropical storms, its economy left struggling to support its own people.

Money spent at the hotels, restaurants, and local markets of San Juan goes directly toward helping stimulate the Puerto Rican economy. There are even volunteer programs from helping people get housing, to planting native trees, and even adopting of the island’s many amazing and friendly stray dogs.




1. Wild & Wonderful – Vancouver, British Columbia

Oh Canada! You’re so much more than poutine and Tim Horton’s (though don’t get us wrong, we’re all about both). Canada has always been described as being very similar to the United States, but the country truly has its own unique identity. First of all, Canada is wild. No, literally. Let’s take size into account: Canada and the United States are roughly the same size, with Canada getting the lead by a few hundred thousand square miles/kilometers. But the US population is currently sitting around 328 million, and Canada? 37 million. Most of our northern cousins live in the southern part of every province, with vast wilderness further north.

This lush backdrop works in favor of the people of Vancouver. This port city sits at the southern tip of British Columbia, flanked by Vancouver Island, and its sister city and British Columbia’s capital; Victoria. The resulting scene is one we envy, with every direction either shimmering Pacific Ocean water or mountains and hills rolling out from endless green. Vancouver is like a gem, offering different facets of its depth and beauty every way you look at it.

It also features direct access to the breathtaking boreal rainforests that dominate much of British Columbia all the way up to the Yukon and Alaska. Explorers and adventure-seekers, lovers of the outdoor, your visit is encouraged.

But all are welcome, because Vancouver is as cosmopolitan as it is breathtaking. It proudly shares part of its personality with its Pacific Northwest cousins, Seattle and Portland, while still retaining their own vibe that comes from being one of the most diverse Canadian cities and a bustling center of art – especially filmmaking, giving Vancouver a nickname it shares with Toronto, North Hollywood.


Packing for Adventure

Got your destination in mind but need some comfortable and versatile pieces to take with you? We’ve got you.

Check out the wonderful piece our friends at The Lingerie Journal wrote on our pieces that are perfect for summer travel.

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