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Get Your Game ON This Gobble Day

Thanksgiving — a time with so much to look forward to. The food; Turkey. Stuffing. Sweet Potatoes. Pumpkin Pie. The weather; Crisp fall air. Shining sun. Orange and brown leaves. Holiday sweaters. And of course, family. The usual old friends and family greet us once a year for this special day, and while there may not be pilgrims anymore, you feel the spirit of the holidays come alive wherever you are. Thanksgiving is known for its traditions. It’s a time to look forward to football games, and even the perfect time to bond with your relatives that you may only see a few times a year. No matter what traditions you have, whether it be cooking together or watching the parade, Thanksgiving is a time of love and reflection. The meal you share with your loved ones is cherished, and it is important to remember how wonderfully appreciative we are for what we have. But Thanksgiving is also a time of comfort and fun, and there are many ways to bond with family other than just breaking bread. So, step away from the dining room table and get your game on this gobble day!

Here are some fun things to do this Thanksgiving with your family:

Feel like falling on your tush this holiday? Ice skating — it’s fun even if you can’t do it. Glide into the holiday season and show off your skills! Going to a rink or a nearby frozen lake with your family and friends is a great way to unwind and relax after a long Turkey Day. And although it is not quite December yet, it’s never too early to take in the picturesque Winter Wonderland. Whether you’re an ice princess, or a turkey with two left feet, ice skating provides the right fun and laughter for the whole family, making it a true Thanksgiving treat. So, throw on a pair of cozy, warm socks and hit the ice!

Roll the dice, spin the wheel, and game on! After a delicious feast of turkey and stuffing and everything in between, there’s nothing more relaxing than enjoying game time with your family. Having a fun-filled night of games is even more perfect than a slice of pumpkin pie. Board games like Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly will bring out your competitive side. Just because we’re thankful for our family doesn’t mean we still can’t beat them in an epic game of Yahtzee! Or if you’re not feeling competitive, Cards Against Humanity provides side-splitting humor for all your friends and family to enjoy. You can fill in the blank: The best part of Thanksgiving is _! Well, the games of course! Finally, play some Wii Sports to start working off that Thanksgiving feast you just devoured. You’ll be laughing and smiling all night, and just in time for that second (uh – third) helping of pie.

After all that delicious food, passing out into a food coma seems like a good option. But what fun is that? Keep the day going with the most creative option on this list, a scavenger hunt. Every member of the family, from children to adults love scavenger hunts. There is an unlimited amount of possibilities when it comes to creating a scavenger hunt. With the Holidays just around the corner, there should be plenty of fun places to go and see. You can hide holiday treats in the house or even think big and go around the whole neighborhood.

Don’t hold back, get creative this Thanksgiving!

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