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February is More Than Valentine’s Day

Yeah, we get it, February means cupids and kisses. But maybe you’re over that, or you’re happily single this year; whatever the reason, February has 27 whole other days, and sometimes 28 (like this year). And with all the holidays that have been created, there’s something for everyone in February.
Join me as I break down our top picks for Alternative February Holidays for the Possibly Romantically Challenged. What a mouthful. And what kind of fashion creators would we be if we didn’t also recommend the perfect matching styles? Not very good ones. If you’re curious about the look, click on the description to be taken to our secure online store!

February 1st: National Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day

I scream, you scream, we all scream and I wish we’d stop because it’s way too early in the morning. Just grab yourself a sundae, it’s National Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day!

February 2nd: Groundhog Day

Every year without fail I forget if the groundhog seeing its shadow means more winter, or is it the other way around? What if it’s overcast? Does the groundhog have an understudy in case it can’t participate? I have so many questions.
What to Wear: It all depends… are you on Team Spring or Team Winter? Choose wisely.

February 3rd: Doggy Date Night

The most wonderful time of the year. After all, you’re not really single if you have a dog. Dress up your handsomest boy or prettiest girl in their finest collar and spend some quality time with them.
Dog Day Afternoon, y’heard?

February 4th: World Cancer Day

While you’re eating ice cream for breakfast and watching your dog eat kibble by candlelight, remember that any time is a good time to give back and make a difference. Cancer sucks and is nobody’s Valentine.

February 5th: National Shower with a Friend Day

Just make sure you wash each other’s backs, it can get hairy out there. Okay, I’m done.

February 6th: Bob Marley’s Birthday

You don’t have to shoot a sheriff to enjoy this day. Just turn up the Buffalo Soldier and chill out, man.

February 7th: National Send a Card to a Friend Day

It doesn’t specify what kind of card so just go wild. Your gruff, 35-year old mechanic friend? He’s getting something with a glittery unicorn on it.

February 8th: National Kite-Flying Day

Somehow standing around on a windy day, deep into winter, does not seem like a ton of fun. But then again, I’ve never been one to fly kites in the warmth either. So, you do you!
Not Pictured: Crippling Hypothermia

February 9th: National Toothache Day

The day you regret National Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day.
What to Wear: Whatever. YOLO.

February 10th: National Umbrella Day

Sounds like a flash mob waiting to happen.

February 11th: National Clean Out Your Computer Day

It’s that time of year, folks! Defrag those hard drives (whatever that means).

February 12th: Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday

Good old Honest Abe would have been 211 today, here’s to you, you tall hatted, tall heighted president.
Honestly, Abe

February 13th: Galentine’s Day

We have Amy Poehler to thank for starting this once-fictional holiday, entering the mainstream from Parks & Rec much like Seinfeld gave us Festivus (a holiday for the rest of us). Get together with your best gal pals and just be ladies celebrating ladies!
February 14th: That-Which-Shall-Not-Be-Named

Nothing to see here.



February 15th: Singles Awareness Day

The holiday where you… focus on how lonely you are? Not all of these are winners, okay?

February 16th: National Almond Day

Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t. When you do, just know there’s a holiday out there for you too.

February 17th: Random Act of Kindness Day

Be excellent to each other.

February 18th: National Drink Wine Day

Ah… so… just another day?
But what will everyone else drink?

February 19th: Tug of War Day

Relive your summer camp trauma by going out and fighting over a piece of rope… in the dead of winter. Was this made up by the same people who did Kite Flying Day?

February 20th: National Muffin Day

If you’ve ever needed an excuse to eat that extra muffin, this is it. As for me, I need no excuses. Bring me a fourth!

February 21st: National Sticky Bun Day

Instructions unclear, I’m now sitting in a puddle of maple syrup. Send help and pancakes.

February 22nd: National Margarita Day

I just went through this with Wine Day, February. It’s like saying it’s National Binge Eat While Watching Netflix Day. That’s just life.

February 23rd: International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day

Don’t lie, you’ve totally tried one before. We all have. We all have.
Risk it for the Biscuit

February 24th: National Tortilla Chip Day

Two days after Margarita Day just seems like a missed opportunity. What will I wash down these delicious tortilla chips with?

February 25th: Mardi Gras

It’s Fat Tuesday. Get your beads, get some drinks, and party like you’re down on the bayou.

February 26th: National Pistachio Day

In case you missed Almond Day here’s your chance to get nuts once more.

February 27th: National Chili Day

Perfect for after you freeze while flying a kite or doing a tug-of-war.
What to Wear: Just keep it spicy.

February 28th: National Chocolate Souffle Day

If you’ve never had a chocolate souffle, well, this would probably be the perfect day to correct that. I know what I’ll be doing.
What to Wear: Here’s a hint.

February 29th: Leap Year Day

Do people born on a leap year day age more slowly than other people? Sorry, still recovering from Bob Marley’s birthday.

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