• Netflix Stranger Things Season 3 characters El and Max enjoy summer vacation
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    80’s Things

    July is here, so you know what that means. Barbecues, fireworks, horror, and retro fashion. Wait, what? If you’re like us, it’s not just the good food and celebrations you’re excited for on Independence Day. July 4th also marks the season 3 premiere of Netflix’s critically acclaimed Stranger Things. A love letter to 80’s horror and adventure films, Stranger Things has grabbed hold of millions of viewers with their last two seasons where we got to see the drama of Hawkins, Indiana play out during the autumn and winter months. This season, we get to see them turn summer Upside Down.   Check out the Stranger Things Season 3 Trailer!…

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    Sockin’ it to Summer

    Summertime and the footwear’s easy – you just slip into your favorite sandals and you’re ready to step out into the warm sunshine and bare all. It’s natural to dress down in the heat, we’re only human after all, with a long history of warm-weather cultures who have contributed to influencing our present-day hot couture. But while our ancestors may have had little choice in their summer attire, we’re a little more fortunate nowadays. Human ingenuity has lead to innovations in comfort and personal-climate control in the forms of specialized designs and new materials. Even in the last few decades, we’ve come a long way. So, we thought, with so…

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    A Fashionable Horoscope for 2019

    The expression goes: The clothes make the man. So, if you’re wondering how to make yourself over in 2019, why not start with fashion? Sometimes working from the outside in can have wondrous affects. Think about how you feel when you rock a sexy outfit. Confident. What about lounge pants? Relaxed. Personalities get an assist from our clothing choices. When we pair knee-high socks with a plaid skirt, we’re tapping into our girlie mystique. Need to be bold – leather. Whatever needs motivating in your life come the new year, you can bet your style will have a large say in what you do. After all, you can’t go anywhere…

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    Halloween Costumes: And All That Jazz

    Curtains Up on October 31st! If there is one industry that knows how to throw the ultimate costume ball every night of the week to thunderous applause, it is undoubtedly Broadway in the Big Apple. From Guys and Dolls to Hello, Dolly!, crowds flock from all over the world to take in the visual spectacle that makes the Great White Way, well, great. Theatrical costume designers ingeniously spin their threads creating unforgettable looks, while actors spin their lines creating unforgettable characters. Throw in a bit of song and dance and VIOLA… A night of magic – minus a whole lotta Hamiltons. So, if you’re searching for that memorable costume this Halloween, turn…

  • MeMoi UK Catwalk

    Monochrome a la Moda MeMoi Takes Direction on the UK Catwalk

    Let’s face it; Black and white will NEVER go out of style. This classic color combination has stood the test of fashion time and shows no sign of ever fading. Whether mixed and matched or simply worn as a head-to-toe solid color, black and white is easy to put together; it always looks current, goes well with every season and matches nearly everything in your closet. This past August, MeMoi debuted three black and white pieces at famed Moda in Birmingham, England. Moda is the UK’s premiere fashion event. It is The meeting point for the fashion industry with catwalk shows taking place over three days twice a year, showcasing…

  • MeMoi Vegan Leather Leggings

    Vegan is the New Leather: The Hottest Styles With None of the Guilt

    Eco-friendly fashion has been garnering quite a bit of buzz over the web these days. Newly minted celebrity designers are advocating for a kinder, gentler way of manufacturing high-end pieces, so the impact to mother nature and its inhabitants don’t have to suffer for style. Rooney Mara’s ambitious, debut vegan clothing line was conceptualized to accommodate the ethically fashion conscious. Ready-to-wear separates made with vegan leather has become the “it” fabric of choice for today’s generation. Can’t wait to start rocking this style? Shop the look below! What is a Vegan Leather? Vegan leather, also known as faux leather or pleather, is a “cruelty-free” polyurethane known for its high luster…