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Carnival Couture

Glam yourself in gold, purple, and green, and turn up the Zydeco, it’s almost Fat Tuesday! Carnival has been going strong since the end of Christmas, and it all culminates this week! In reality, Mardi Gras has been going for the past two weeks, but the party really hits its climax on the days leading up to Fat Tuesday (or Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday). Here in the states, we know most of the Carnival traditions from New Orleans (that’s Nawlins, in case you needed a pronunciation).  But Carnival has been celebrated around the world in various forms since ancient times, with the traditions we know today stemming from Carnival celebrations in France and Italy around the 19th century. The masquerades, the parades, and even that whole bead thing, came from those wild folks in the 1800’s.

The traditions and symbols of Mardi Gras go pretty deep, too. Those parades you see every year all include different floats and festivities, each organized by groups called Krewes. These Krewes are highly elaborate in how they design their floats, and many will take themes from Roman mythology and other old cultures.

The result is a two-month long clash of cultures and timelines that becomes one long party and celebration of life. And if there’s two things we love at MeMoi, it’s diversity and having fun.

In celebration of Mardi Gras, I thought I’d recommend some perfect styles for anyone who plans on joining in for the grand finale this week. These pieces are loud, proud, and daring; I guarantee.

Let’s style you from the ground up.




Even if you don’t want to go full-on capital C “Carnival” with your look, you can still rock some fun socks to get into the spirit. Here are our top picks.

  1. Mardi Gras is all about COLOR! Lots of it! Get into it with our Rainbow Rugby Knee High Socks!
  2. Emotions run wild during Carnival, so why not wear yours on your feet? Plus, our Hearts Mono Fine Net Anklet Socks also feature some fierce fishnet for a little extra oomph.
  3. King Cake is one of the wildest, weirdest, and most fun traditions of Mardi Gras. Its simple, in every King Cake there’s a tiny, plastic baby doll. Whoever is lucky enough to get the slice with the baby in it gets to throw the next King Cake party! Our Sweet Treat Crew Socks are sure to give you the luck you need to find that baby!
  4. Mardi Gras borrows a lot from cultures around the world to put on a memorable show. While associated with Mexico’s Day of the Dead celebration, Sugar Skulls are colorful and on theme for much of New Orleans. That means our Sugar Skull Crew Socks are a perfect choice.
  5. This one is a bit more practical. Chances are if you’re in the thick of Mardi Gras madness, you’ll be on your feet all day, walking around, standing for parades, dancing, drinking. Give your feet a little breather with a good pair of compression socks! We have plenty of festive choices in this department, like our Pineapple Paradise Compression Socks!



Here’s where we really get into the Mardi Gras fashion spirit. Like I said, it’s about being loud, colorful, and a little provocative. Hey, if you got it, flaunt it!

  1. Mardi Gras is an uninhibited time throughout New Orleans. Picture the wildest party you’ve been to, now imagine it happening in big pockets everywhere in a city simultaneously. If you really want to go wild, go big. Our Flirty Maxi Fishnet Tights are a good place to start!
  2. Parades can get pretty wacky, and you’re going to see a ton of costumes and bizarre tableaux (basically the scenes you see being played out by performers or on the floats). Get into the weird spirit with something silly, like our Frenchie Face Sweater Tights.
  3. It’s hard to beat the classics, and for the truly wild at heart one of those classics is Leopard Print. Add some glam to that to elevate it, and you got our Leopard Print Shimmer Sheer Tights.
  4. Maybe you just want to go hard and party like a rock star? No worries, our Rockstar Fishnet Tights got you covered (…well, barely).
  5. Of course, none of this means you can’t keep it classy at Mardi Gras, but even then, it should be with style. Try a pop of color with our Chevron Sweater Tights.



Finally, there are those of us (and I’m probably guilty here) who just want to be comfortable at a party. We’re not going to impress or flex, we just want to have fun! Get into Carnival with a long-hair-don’t-care attitude by rocking some of our loungewear!

  1. Lend the festivities a bit of drama and declare yourself Queen of Carnival in our embroidered Hooded Cape!
  2. Or if you need a comfier option, our Marble Plush Hooded Cardigan has a similar style with a plush comfy design. Perfect for French Quarter bar hopping.
  3. Truly show off that lounge life you’re living while keeping cozy so you can focus on what’s important: booze and beads! Our LoungeLife Marshmallow Pullover Top has you covered.
  4. Complete your lounge look with matching pants and declare yourself the new Mardi Gras trendsetter with the LoungeLife Marshmallow Drawstring Pants.
  5. Want to free up those legs and strut your stuff while you follow the parades through town? Our LoungeLife Chenille Drawstring Shorts are the coziest alternative we have!

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