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BE With Your Besties for the BEST Holiday Ever.

It’s time to roll with your homies for the holidays and celebrate good times and yuletide cheer. Rather than throw the usual, yearly wine and cheese party or partake in a pricey night out-on-the-town, there are other alternatives that offer a quality, bonding experience for all. It’s not the venue or high-end menu options that matter to your nearest and dearest – it’s the company; so whatever festive shindig you’re planning this year, you can bet your inner circle is game. Here are some ways to expand your holiday horizons and be closer to your closest mates.  

BE GRATEFUL TOGETHER. Most of us are fortunate enough to go home to a well-stocked frig, filled with all the foods we like to eat. Unfortunately, not everyone in this world is so lucky. This holiday season, show your gratitude for all the wonderful blessings in your life; Organize a group of buddies and head down to the local soup kitchen to prepare food for the needy. Not only is this a solid way to bond with your crew, but you’ll establish new bonds in the community helping to feed those who often go hungry. So, roll up your sleeves and get cooking! And be grateful to give back… it’s a great way to live a meaningful, purpose-driven life. 

BE INTENTIONAL. Most of us think the new year begins on January 1, but the real one starts with the winter solstice on December 21. So, don’t wait for the ball to drop! Host a new year’s intentional party this 12.21. Pick up some parchment for your loved ones and have everyone list the things they INTEND to do in 2019. The winter solstice is the perfect time to usher in new energy, and make plans for a better tomorrow. And what better way to share your goals than with the people who will be by your side, supporting you every step of the way. Now, grab the reigns of that ball-point pen and write down your prosperous future! See it. Write it. Believe it. Live it.    

BE THE BREAKFAST CLUB.  Who says all the holiday fun needs to happen at night? How about throwing a kick-ass pancake party? Chillax with your cronies this Christmas in your coziest pajama set, eating everyone’s favorite food… breakfast! No need to dress-up for this sunrise soiree – you can leave the makeup bag and heels at home. Breaking eggs with your besties has never been this much fun. After enjoying your sweet-filled, syrup-fest, cuddle up under blankets and throw on some classic 80s favorites, like The Breakfast Club. Recite the lines you know by heart, relax in your Santa PJs, and raise your flutes for a toast to friendship. Saluti!

BE TOASTY. Start a new holiday tradition this year by having a winter campfire cookout. An outdoor roasting is an easy, peasy way to share a meal with friends without one person having to do all the heavy lifting. Grab some sticks and put your weenies over an open flame – marshmallows too! A cookout is a classic, communal effort with everyone in charge of their own food while congregating over a burning fire; Exchange stories and talk about the year that passed, and the road ahead. It’s the perfect time to pop open a few brewskis and get a little toasted in the chilly air… so throw on your warmest socks, hats and scarves, and head on down-the-trail. 

BE CREATIVELY INCLINED. Share your talents this Christmas by personally crafting gifts for everyone on your list. Photographer by trade? Offer to take a family portrait. Music lover? Make a guitar out of an old shoe box with custom, rubber-band strings. Creativity comes from within, so give from the heart. And after you’re done exchanging your original creations, collaborate together. Sing a song and record it, or act out a scene from one of your favorite shows and capture it on your smartphone. You can share your audio or video masterpiece on Instagram and make it your holiday greeting card this season, creating a lasting memory for all your friends and family to enjoy.   

BE ONE WITH NATURE. Ahhh… there’s nothing quite like hanging with Mother Nature, the best bestie of them all. We can always count on her presence in our lives because she is always there to help us weather any storm. And if you want to bring another pal along for the ride, there’s no greater companion than man’s best friend. Take a walk, scale new heights, or go off on a two-wheel adventure this season; and let the magic of nature replenish your soul. The world always looks good with a view from the top, so trade in your tv set for a real image instead – the great outdoors.  

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