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Back to School Trends


Back to school doesn’t have to be a bummer.

Consider clothing; you can never underestimate a fashionable first day look, and even the pickiest dresser is sure to enjoy the compliments. And when your kids look good and feel good, learning comes easy.

Do your children a favor and check out this season’s back to school trends and styles.


Retro Relapse

Autumn 2019 gets a blast from the past with styles inspired by the radical 80’s and 90’s, most noteworthy being a resurgence of our old friend Grunge.

Picture Perfect Patterns

Tradition and new-school-cool collide with the return of garden floral patterns and the addition of unique patterns inspired by traditional looks.

Collegiate Pride

Collegiate trim is in, with pieces that rock Letterman style patches and bold stripes.


Future Fashions

The future is now, and it’s obvious even in fashion with more realistic depictions of space trending for kids.


Pop of Pop Culture

Yeah, pop culture is always in vogue, but we’re coming full circle here by bringing back the retro inspiration. Give your kid a taste of your own childhood with classic characters and vintage concepts.

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