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A Little Office Appreciation

You work hard. You put in the long hours week after week. You spend a great deal of mental energy taking care of business throughout the entire year, and as the end of the year approaches you need a little fun to lighten the load. But, how do you celebrate the season with your office mates when an office environment lands short on holiday spirit? No festivities? No decorations? NO BUENO. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and you don’t want employees going stir crazy in their cubicles this winter, do you? While we know there aren’t many top brass out there as zany and lighthearted as TV’s iconic boss, Michael Scott, from The Office, there are a few, cool shenanigans from the show you can implement to help keep things fresh around the watercooler. So, in keeping with the spirit of The Office this Christmas, here’s how you can channel Dunder Mifflin in your office as inspired by these three classic episodes.

Yankee Swap. Because nobody wanted to organize Secret Santa this year… Here’s a simple idea from the show for a proposed gift giving exchange amongst your work crew: Yankee Swap! Everyone buys one gift within the same budget, and with no particular person in mind. Place all the wrapped gifts in a pool and assign a picking order from first to last. The first person starts by taking a gift from the pile and unwrapping it. The next person assigned can either choose a new gift or steal the gift that has already been opened. Once every gift has been revealed, everyone will have a present. Now sure, the motivation behind Yankee Swap may have started because somebody didn’t want a homemade oven mitt, but this version of Secret Santa is much better because buying gifts for co-workers can be hard. Yankee Swap is a great way to add a new layer of excitement and fun to a regular office Christmas party. Now, get swapping.  

Have your own version of The Dundies. Aka – The Office Awards. Holding your own office awards ceremony is a pretty epic idea; and you don’t have to get all fancy with it either, like handing out real trophies or anything corny like that. Be original. If you work for a tomato sauce manufacturer, call them The Golden Jar Awards. You get the idea. Make these awards more about the little things, the inside jokes, the things you think no one notices but they do. Who else is going to praise you for always wearing the whitest sneakers? Hey, it’s an accomplishment. Nothing feels better than a dose of recognition from your superiors, unless it’s a cash recognition… So, if your staff is feeling a bit under-appreciated this season, look to bring some energy and morale back with the office awards. Plus, it gives your employees a much-needed break from the normal day-to-day routine.  

You can’t go wrong with Casino Night, and that’s because this event has it all: the booze, poker, the booze, the food. But, let’s not forget – a huge element of this night is the potential to rake in a ton of cash! – And that makes EVERYONE feel good; so if you’re looking to deliver a boost to your workforce, this is it. You can add other incentives to the occasion as well, like donating money to a charity on behalf of the person with the most chips at the end of the night. It’s all about giving and giving back. But besides the obvious, Casino Night is a huge social event, a time to get out of the chair that spins ’round 9-5 and let loose. And we all need that from time to time… especially around the holidays. 

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