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A Fashionable Horoscope for 2019

The expression goes: The clothes make the man. So, if you’re wondering how to make yourself over in 2019, why not start with fashion? Sometimes working from the outside in can have wondrous affects. Think about how you feel when you rock a sexy outfit. Confident. What about lounge pants? Relaxed. Personalities get an assist from our clothing choices. When we pair knee-high socks with a plaid skirt, we’re tapping into our girlie mystique. Need to be bold – leather. Whatever needs motivating in your life come the new year, you can bet your style will have a large say in what you do. After all, you can’t go anywhere in life without threads, so let’s explore how the stars see your style in 2019. 

Aries| She's Got Legs

Aries. Major moves are on the horizon for this fire sign in 2019. You are destined to become the commander of your most daring voyage yet, so if you’ve been hesitant about leaving your old shores behind, now’s your chance to pull full-steam ahead. Grab the helm of your life vessel decked out in any type of nautical clothing. You’ll have an over-abundance of celestial support all year long, so get ready to regale your tales from the high seas once 2019 docks.  And what could look better than dress whites on tanned legs?   

Taurus| She's Got Legs

Taurus. We know you’re always putting others first, and looking out for friends and family is what you do best; But come 2019, the focus will finally be on YOU! This year you’ll be feeling supadupa-DANG-nabbashiztastic about your prosperous future. February sees you taking an auspicious, off-season excursion to the beach where your sweetheart awaits for a midnight bonfire under a magical sky. Snuggle up cause it’ll be cold outside, but perfect conditions for nestling under a soft, cozy blanket for two. Make sure you pack extra warm socks for this extra special evening, which sets the stage for your most romantic year ever. 

Gemini| She's Got Legs

Gemini. The wonder twins of the zodiac are set to face some dramatic highs and lows in 2019. Be prepared to schedule plenty of time for rest, reflection and rejuvenation as you’ll certainly be needing it once the cosmic dust settles down. Springtime stands to be your most beneficial period, so a trip to the spa, or sanctuary of your choice, will assist you in concretizing new plans. Choose floral patterns and shades of purple to help off-set the constant state of push/pull you’ll be experiencing all year long. Lighten the mood with warm tones… you’ll need it in 2019.  

Cancer| She's Got Legs

Cancer. It’s back-to-school time for the soft-hearted crab, and this year promises to further your education in and out of the classroom. You’ll be learning a lot about yourself, and what you truly need in life in order to make you happy.  Hitting the books? Think smart-casual clothing. Stock up on button-down cardigans and sweater tights for maximum school-girl effect. And just when you thought it was all about studying this year, a cute scholar might suddenly pass you by. And you’ll want to catch his eye with all your smarts

Leo| She's Got Legs

Leo. Strap yourself in for the best year of your life, dear lion! 2019 will be COLOSSAL. This once-in-a-lifetime, gold-star configuration sees you cashing in on all your wildest hopes and dreams. Your love life will be especially spectacular, and you can count on your sweetheart to show you just how loved and adored you are. How exciting! With all this love flowing in the air, leos will need to look their very special best, and they will, because they’ll be wearing the gift of love. Be sure to express your gratitude to the stars by adorning spiritual accessories. 

Virgo| She's Got Legs

Virgo. Looks like it’s going to be a banner year for bonding with family. Virgos, it’s time to take-off on a glorious summer vacation, and we know who you are going away with… Time to explore foreign frontiers while making new memories with the ones you cherish most; and you couldn’t be happier than dragging your entire brood with you! Whisk away to enchanting Europe in 2019, and discover the countries your ancestors came from. Pack enough light colored clothing to detract from the hot sun and don’t forget your sunnies! You’ll need some comfortable sneakers too as you traverse this beautiful, vast terrain. 

Libra| She's Got Legs

Libra. Your focus will be on work and earning more money in 2019, so tip the scales in your favor by wearing lots of green this year. It’s all about manifesting what you want out of life, so be sure to send positive vibes to the universe that you are serious about making mucho coin. Dress for success, and you’ll see all your efforts rewarded ten-fold. Think about how much fun you’ll have spending those extra deniros, but donating it to a worthwhile cause, like conquering the homeless crisis, would be a great way to give back.  

Scorpio| She's Got Legs

Scorpio. One word sums up your style this year – BLACK. Could there be any other color for the notoriously intense sign of the zodiac? 2019 promises to be a year of mystery and intrigue, and if anyone knows how to play their cards close to the vest, it is the deadly Scorpion. You can play-up all that emotional heaviness with some chunky, statement pieces, but your signature noir shade already speaks volumes. And the message for 2019 – try to figure it out.    

Sagittarius| She's Got Legs

Sagittarius. P-A-R-T-Y… because you WILL. It’s playtime Sag! This year promises a ton of fun and flirtation, and you’ll be doing a whole lotta social networking; so make sure you have a wide array of evening wear stocked in your fashion arsenal. Your social posse rules in 2019, and you’ll be wining and dining at all the hot spots in town, dressed-to-the-nines and ready for action. It’s a 24/7 brah-fest, and you’ll be turning heads everywhere you go in the latest, greatest, must-have styles. Don’t take this year too seriously boys and girls, it’s all about moving and shaking.

Capricorn| She's Got Legs

Capricorn. We wish we had better news for the goat in 2019, but it looks to be a pretty challenging year all around. You’ll need to curb your quest to be the best this year because it’s cosmically not in the cards for you. Shift the focus off yourself by volunteering for a worthwhile cause in the community, like preparing meals for the less fortunate. Being hard at work for others will do you a world of good, so zip up that cotton hoodie, designer of course; because we know you wouldn’t be caught dead in anything less. 

Aquarius| She's Got Legs

Aquarius. Make sure you have plenty of jeans and tees folded neatly in your dresser drawer this year, it looks like you’ll be doing some relocating and renovating. 2019 promises to shake things up on the home sector, putting the main focus on your living arrangements. Whether you’re redecorating your intimate space, or moving on from your old one – not to fret, Aquarians… This is the dawning of a new age and you will be so happy you created these necessary changes. It will bring you one step closer to domestic bliss.  

Pisces| She's Got Legs

Pisces. These sensitive fish are poised to dive right into the success pool, and they’ll be swimming the victory lap, slaying all their creative endeavors along the way. You’ll shine brighter than all the signs in 2019, and be the star of the stage cranking out one hit decision after another. You can’t fail dreamy Pisces. Whatever aspirations and fantasies you’ve had in the past, this is the year you finally reach for the brass ring and TAKE it. Dress like the badass rockstar you are, in clothes that scream: BIG, BOLD, LOUD. Because you’ll have the audience’s attention all year long, and the overwhelming response is O Yeah!  

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