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Netflix Stranger Things Season 3 characters El and Max enjoy summer vacation
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80’s Things

July is here, so you know what that means. Barbecues, fireworks, horror, and retro fashion. Wait, what? If you’re like us, it’s not just the good food and celebrations you’re excited for on Independence Day. July 4th also marks the season 3 premiere of Netflix’s critically acclaimed Stranger Things. A love letter to 80’s horror and adventure films, Stranger Things has grabbed hold of millions of viewers with their last two seasons where we got to see the drama of Hawkins, Indiana play out during the autumn and winter months. This season, we get to see them turn summer Upside Down.

Check out the Stranger Things Season 3 Trailer!

With this look into a terrifyingly awesome 80’s summer vacation just a few days away, we thought it might be fun to offer up some ideas for women, men, and even kids to incorporate some retro 80’s style into your own summer wardrobe. Lucky for you, MeMoi has plenty of fashion that’s, like, totally radical.


Girls, Girls, Girls!


Sweater Tights with some 1980's retro style for a Netflix Stranger Things Season 3 look


Chevron Sweater Tights

These tights burst with a modern 80’s aesthetic that would be at home in a Motley Crue video or on the Queen of Pop (Madonna, for those young-ins out there). Like any legging, what you pair is almost as important as what you choose. Bring your retro-chic style full circle with a rebel yell by wearing a top that screams “more, more, more” with a leopard print pattern. Don’t wig out over pattern clashing, it’s totally 80’s.  

Velvet Leggings with some 1980's retro style for a Netflix Stranger Things Season 3 look

Crushed Velvet Leggings

Unleash your inner Joan Jett. Velvet is an 80’s mainstay, and these leggings offer some rock and roll style that pairs perfectly with heels, as shown, or even your favorite boots. One thing is for sure, they beg for some fierce footwear, so maybe leave the flats and sneakers at home. Best of all, each available color fits the look. Burgundy, pink, or, a new religion that’ll bring you to your knees – black velvet, if you please.


Acid Wash Jeans with some 1980's retro style for a Netflix Stranger Things Season 3 lookVintage Acid Wash Jeans

Acid washed denim is notoriously 80’s, invoking images of everything from punk rockers to heavy metal headbangers with huge hair. They’re not even out of place today, with plenty of your favorite retailers carrying their own homage to this rebellious classic. A versatile piece of legwear, you can rock your favorite fringed top, or perfectly pair them with that leather jacket. Totally righteous.  


It’s Raining Men!

Novelty Socks with some 1980's retro style for a Netflix Stranger Things Season 3 look

Retro Novelty Socks

Dudes, we got you covered, too. A good pair of conversational socks adds some unique style to your wardrobe and makes even your stuffy office cool. MeMoi’s got plenty of patterns that offer retro-chic imagery, with old school remote controls, cassette players, and the always embarrassingly fun mix tape.


Parents Just Don’t Understand!


Girls Tights with some 1980's retro style for a Netflix Stranger Things Season 3 look

Funky Dot Retro Leggings & Spring Fever Flower Leggings

Got a little fashionista on your hands? These leggings offer a pop culture history lesson with their old school aesthetic. Bright splotches of color and retro bubbles, and, of course, the waist to ankle floral print was totally in. Dress her up in bright colors, and if you really want to stay true to this look, I’ve got four words for you: big scrunchies, side ponytails.  

Boys Socks with some 1980's retro style for a Netflix Stranger Things Season 3 look

Mixed-Up Madness Low Cut Socks & Stripe Remix Low Cut Socks

Bright colors, stripes, and rock & roll. All staples of the all-American 1980’s boy. These socks are great for any little guy, with retro takes on classic patterns that set them apart from boring, white socks. Add in some splashes of neon color, a rad electric guitar, and you’ve got nostalgic footwear that gives your kid the perfect answer to the question what do you want to do with your life? “I wanna rock!”


Let’s Go Crazy

A lot of people say pop culture goes in cycles. There could be some truth to that because we seem to be reliving the 80’s and 90’s, making it a perfect time to add these retro looks to your wardrobe. Just remember to be fearless in your style and to wear it loud and proud.
Whether you’re spending the 4th watching fireworks, barbecuing, or binging Stranger Things, wear something uniquely you.
Oh, and watch out for Demogorgons.   The Netflix Stranger Things season 3 cast. Pictured: Will Byers, Eleven, Max Mayfield, Jonathan Byers, Mike Wheeler, Nancy Wheeler, Dustin Henderson, and Lucas Sinclair  

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